why you need a developer for your WordPress site

WordPress is a  software you may use to build web site. The actual core software is created by means of many local community volunteers, also there are many plugins and  themes are offered to convert your website to your dream.

As the popularity increases the issues also comes with that.  The main issue we are facing nowadays is security threats. Most of these threats in WordPress are because of some loopholes in the theme of plugin you are using. Some of these plugins uses vulnerable codes available in the internet. And some of them are very carelessly build. The outcome is a vulnerable website. A beginner level hacker can easily utilize the vulnerabilities and make you down.

Other Reasons

Security is not the only thing that justifies the statement “you need a developer for your WordPress site” . There is more. The performance of your website is purely based on how the website is build. Also usage of large no of plugins effects the performance of the website. But we need plugins to implement some of our features as we are building our dreams. There comes the importance of the developer . A well experienced developer can build your website with minimum number of plugins. He can build it without loose ends . Ultimately it makes the websites more secure and high performing.

How to make Your Site Secure

There are some methods that you can follow and make your website stronger. Main things is always keep a backup of your website.  Ultimately it helps to restore even if something worse happens.

  1. Use Only Reputed Plugins
  2. Buy your theme from very reputed theme provider or use any of the reputed developer available.
  3. Do not use any cracked versions of the premium plugins.
  4. Use Bulletproof security plugin to give an extra level security.
  5. Update the WordPress core and plugins.
  6. Updates themes to latest versions.
  7. Use a Backup Plugin to take website and MySQL backups.

Recommended Plugins

  1. BulletProof Security
  2. WP-DB-Backup

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